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Promo Video - Need a visual to help protect your brand, or do you just need one for your social media? WE can help.

Package Deal - This is our Exposure Interview, Music Video, and our Video Show Placement packages combined together. Can't decide which would be more beneficial for your movement, don't decide. Take both packages and get a worth while discount, to make sure you get all the bang for your buck! 

​More services coming soon!

Music Video - Got the music? Need a visual to go along with your song? We can do that too. Your song will always do better, as well as, reach more people with a strong visual attached to it.

Video Show Placement- Want to add your video to one of our video episodes? This can help to generate extra exposure for you and your brand. This is a nice accompaniment to one of our Exposure Interviews. We can make sure they run at the same time, so it can coincide with the rest of your promotional efforts.

Exposure Interview - Want to introduce yourself to the world as an artist, or just want to generate a little extra exposure for your brand. We can help with that. We can do one of our Exposure Interviews for you or your brand. We are currently only doing them in person (for video reasons. It is possible, we might be able to do FaceTime or Skype). You can use this interview on any of your social media pages, as well as your own site. It will be posted on our site, YouTube, and blasted from our social media pages as well. 

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