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At S.O.O. Music TV, founder Face DaMusic and his team believe that true success is about more than growing their site; this top-notch group of professionals devote countless hours each day to seeing that they are helping artists and brands rather than hurting them or contributing to further the negative stigma the music industry already has. S.O.O. Music TV is committed not just to improving the process of being a successful artist, but to making the music industry a better place. 

About S.O.O. Music TV

Veteran music industry artist, promoter, producer, and engineer Face DaMusic started S.O.O. Music TV in 2015 in conjunction with S.O.O. Music Group. After spending many years working in and out of the music industry, and taking the knocks that come with it, Face and his partners started SMTV (S.O.O. Music TV), as an outlet for independent artists to promote their brand and network with other artists, as well as, a place where people and fans can come to just find good music. Since S.O.O. Music TV was launched with just two employees, the company has experienced some good growth. Being contacted for interviews and video placements before the 1st interview or video show dropped on the site ( Today, SMTV and their experienced network of promoters, video editors, graphic designers, producers and other industry professionals manage a robust following nationwide.